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The Hot Pepper Awards...
just another great testimony!!!!

EXTREME PRODUCT 2nd place winner - 2007
The annual hot sauce and snack food competition. The Hot Pepper Awards is the only awards competition of its kind that does not allow artificial ingredients or preservatives to be added! Only the best will be awarded The Hot Pepper Award.

Mike, You sir just made my week! I ordered that as a Christmas present to myself...I have taken Devil Dust to Iraq and Afghanistan and shared it with anyone who wanted to try it. I can honestly say it makes military food and MREs taste better. Thank you for your awesome product and I will always make sure I have a spare bottle in my cabinet.   Gary B. Lawrenceburg, Ky

Greetings! Today I was introduced to Devil Dust by a friend while we are travelling in the West Indies.  She recently moved from Waddy and always keeps Devil Dust in her purse, even when travelling!  The flavor helped so much with my bland breakfast this morning. I live in metro Atlanta, GA and wondered if you have any suppliers here. Thanks for making such a great product and I hope to get my own Devil Dust soon!  Best regards, Pam L. Atlanta, GA

I FINALLY got to try this recently (thank you Huckleberry).  It's just BAD-ASS!!  I intend to carry this in my purse because most restaurants simply don't keep PROPER seasonings on hand.  Adds great flavor and just the right heat to everything I've tried it on so far.  Will be sharing the info (Not MY bottle) with friends. Shannon H. Louisville, KY

Just wanted to share - we won a hottest chili contest at our local Knights of Columbus using Devil Dust.  We also used it in our homemade barbeque sauce we gave to friends at Christmas.  I have given several bottles to friends & people around here are getting hooked on it.   I will be in touch!  Take care. - Angela   New Albany , IN

I LOVE Devil Dust! I have always loved spicy food and this is by far the best hot spice I have ever found. I use it almost daily. It's great in soups,  omelettes, vegetable casseroles, on sandwiches, and on top of cottage cheese. I got my first bottle as a gift and I'm hooked for life. Thank you Waddy Spice Traders for a great, GREAT product. - Steve S.  Georgetown,  KY

Devil Dust has reached the west! I use it whenever I have people over and they want the hot stuff but they want not just hot but great taste. My hot wings are  incredible thanks to Mike and the folks at Waddy Spice Traders. Oregon's just a little spicier since the devil made me do it!
Jamie T.    Keizer,  OR

Here's one. Went fishing, caught some nice cats. So, decided to cedar plank grill them with Devil Dust. I don't think I've EVER had better tasting catfish in my life, the Devil Dust brought out flavor like no other spice can. There wasn't any leftovers at all and my son is now hooked on Devil Dust as well.  - Dan   Shelbyville, Ky

Want Hot,Hot,Hot..Shake the bottle a little harder and a little longer!!  However, coming from someone that isn't a pepper-head by any stretch of the imagination, if you use it in moderation you are in for a surprise from your favorite and probably a few "not so favorite" foods. I was really surprised the first time and continue to be surprised every time I try it on something different. Pizza, burgers, steaks, chili...you name it takes the taste to a new and better level. I'm Hooked as well! - Chris C.  Frankfort, Ky

You made my day with a wonderful product! If you're a "hot head" like me... you MUST try this product. You can be sure I will be a return customer. Perfectly HOT~HOT~HOT!!!!!!  - Wendy C. Southbury, CT

Yep Mike, I'm hooked! This is great stuff, it's great on everything. I keep finding new stuff to put it on.... I'm almost out, got to get more of this stuff. I have to let a shooting buddy in on this, I know he will love it.- Phil W.   Louisville, Ky

I have used Devil Dust in a lot of dishes.  It is a great spice.  But the dish that it added the most to so far is stir fried vegetables.  You would not think of vegetables as needing a little spice, but it adds so much.  Don't over do it, but it will make your vegetables the best part of the meal. -   Tom R.  Frankfort, KY

After picking up a pack of Devil Dust, I tried it on some Chili.  Wow, it gave it just the right KICK.  I had heard that it was good on everything, so I started trying it out.  It makes burgers wonderful and mixing it in with scrambled eggs gives them a great flavor.  I now keep it right next to the salt and pepper and will continue to try it on new things.  Thanks Mike for introducing me to this "Hot" product!!! - Roy Y.  Waddy, KY

I finally smoked some of my special recipe babyback ribs. I used Devil Dust on one slab, a store brand rub on the other. Had a few friends over for dinner that night. The slab with Devil Dust was gone in a heartbeat, (so was all the beer, this stuff is HOT). I actually had to dust the other slab with Devil Dust so the rest of the ribs got eaten, they were that good. Better if the Dust is put on before grilling, the flavor soaks into the meat. Awesome. Couple days later I made some bread, and put some Devil Dust in it. Talk about great !! Any sandwich with the bread is sublime. Heck, we ate half the loaf by itself with nothing on it. Devil Dust is a have to have in my kitchen anymore. - Dan D.  New Albany, IN

This stuff is awesome. I am hooked! The downside to hotsauce is the vinegar, it alters the taste of the food. This stuff is just pure pepper flavor... very good. Will be a continued customer.
- Jason G.  Saint Paul,  VA

Devil Dust is marvelous stuff! My husband and I really like hot food, and I am always on the look out, for something new. So when I saw Devil Dust offered I had to get some to try. We both love it, and use it, in almost everything...eggs, roasts, soups, curries....I haven't tried it yet in chili, that is coming soon. I looked at the bottle and noticed it is more than 3/4 empty, so it is time to order some more. - Melva W.   Denton,  TX

I love Devil Dust. Being the "favorite" niece of the famous Mike Darst, creator of Devil Dust, of course I have tried it in almost everything! He actually brought us some chocolate fudge that was made with Devil Dust and it was actually good! Although it was VERY HOT! I recommend Devil Dust daily, and I encourage all the "brave souls" out there to try it, if you're not scared of a little spice!  - Laura D.  WADDY,  KY

Waddy Spice Traders LLC has hit the jackpot! As "Emeril" says, "ahhh..yea babe!" This "Dust" will awaken your senses. What a kick it has. I'm sharing the news with all my "spicy" friends. Mission accomplished on a wonderful product and its versatility. I definitely will be going through this stuff in a hurry and then be back for more. Thanks again. - Kipp W.  Postmaster  WADDY,  KY

I tried Devil-Dust and it was very hot but made the meat so much better. I loved it and now will use it a lot more to give my food a little more flavor. - Laura J.  Louisville,  KY

I have tried the Devil Dust on eggs, tacos and hamburgers. It adds a flavor to those items that is totally awesome. You have developed something that is going to be very successful once tried by the public. I hope to try it on fish this week. Keep up the good work!  - Magistrate Tony C. Shelbyville, Ky.

Devil-Dust is great but only in small portions.  We've tried it on fish, chicken, pork chops, fried potatoes. It just gives the food an extra zing to it. I haven't put it on anything that I didn't like. This is
a great product. Thanks Michael.  - Annette R. Shelbyville, Ky.

We love Devil Dust in our house! We use it breakfast, lunch & dinner. It is very good in our chili! - Joshua B.  Louisville,  KY

Just had a big bowl of chili with devil dust all over it. It was more than hot it was great tasting. I'll never eat chili without the devil dust ever again. I think this is the best blend of peppers I've ever had the pleasure of eating. -  Steve E.  Waddy, Ky.

I just sprinkled some Devil Dust in a bowl of hot Campbells chicken noodle soup. WOW what a taste explosion!! Warning.......have a bottle of water handy because the heat is intense. I can't wait to try Devil Dust with a bowl of vegetable soup. Talking about warming the inside on a cold winters night. I have found a way to stay warm!!!!! - Jerry T. Tampa,  Fl

I have been using the "dust" since before it actually had a name. I will testify to the HEAT and the flavor! The collection of various peppers really adds to the dining experience. I would recommend anyone that appreciates flavor & heat to give this stuff a try. Pay attention to the label, a little goes a long way. - Ryan B. Simpsonville, KY.

I'm a BIG FAN of Devil Dust. I use it on EVERYTHING I eat... in soups, on salads, pizzas, sandwiches, eggs, in gravy, sauces, various dips. It's AWESOME! I love experimenting with it. And yes, a little does go a long way. Try sprinkling a little on your chops or steaks before throwing them on the grill next time... DELICIOUS! - Dewayne H. Louisville, KY.

Just tried Devil-Dust for the first time, using it as a sprinkle on top of meat loaf. I thought it would give it some hot zest but what I did not expect was how much it enhanced the flavor.  A little does go a long way!  Had to let you know we are thrilled and will be back for more. - Keith Z. Louisville, KY.

More is NOT always better when using DEVIL DUST, progressively adding the dust I highly recommend. Salt is almost a rarity in our house hold because of Devil Dust. Experiment with "the dust" if you take pride in what you fix accompany it with Devil Dust.  -  Bill R. :-) Mt. Washington, KY.

Hey,  I finally ate at home once this week and had a chance to pile on the Devil Dust. Man, that stuff was good but man, that stuff is HOT! I took your advice and used just a touch but I certainly could feel "the love"! We used it on pork chops and it was GREAT! It is one of those things where after you blow your runny nose, you just keep wanting to go back for more.....Know what I mean? I cant wait for my wife to try it now....She thinks she can handle hot stuff but I'm not going to let her try to prove a point with this. I would hate to see her with a full chest of hair.....you know what they say about growing hair on your chest! Thanks again. - Scott L. Louisville, KY.

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fast delivery--tasty and hot! A+ Buyer: johnm1144 

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Unique blend. Yummy! Buyer: lil_stinkpot 

great dust great taste great service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Buyer: flatbranchcr75 

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great product i tried it as soon as i got it highly recommend. really fast s/h!! Buyer: bishop1976marine 

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